Context: why choose CRIF?

Open Banking, initially providing aggregated account information and payment initiation services, has been expanded to include a wider range of financial services products to enable:

  • End-users to improve their financial education and financial management capabilities
  • Financial institutions to know their customers better to enhance financial inclusion
  • Large corporates to better understand their customers’ habits and provide them with customized services and new payment options

CRIF is able to cover all these needs thanks to its dedicated as-a-Service solutions, based on machine learning and advanced analytics.

Covered industries

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Solution details

Business People 18 400

Enhancing creditworthiness assessments

NEOS is the open banking solution that enables access to payment accounts in order to accelerate consumer and business creditworthiness assessments, categorizing customer account transactions, profiling spending behavior, and identifying related development opportunities.
Firstly, the solution allows PSD2 consent acquisition and a secure and smooth connection to bank accounts through an intuitive user interface.
Then, the categorization engine, based on an advanced machine learning algorithm, enables account transactions to be read and aggregated into specific categories.
Finally, advanced analytics produce an innovative credit score and a set of advanced KPIs developed from spending/saving behavior patterns that allow commercial relationships to be developed.

Early warnings to prevent credit default

CATCH is a solution that provides insights into the customer base by leveraging account transaction data. It is powered by a proprietary categorization algorithm based on machine learning and artificial intelligence that turns unstructured data into structured insights. By analyzing a customer portfolio, CATCH identifies potential credit default warnings that can be dynamically updated to monitor portfolio evolution.

Business People 17 400

Key benefits

Improved customer knowledge

Assesses new-to-credit and new-to-country subjects.

In-depth customer intelligence

Provides a powerful set of insights to really understand customers.

Real risk reduction

Monitors credit risk with early warnings and identifies mitigation actions.

Active customer management

Boosts profiling processes and improves cross-selling and upselling strategies.

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