Use Data To Connect & Inspire

Achieve a path to reliable and excellent data within your company through our comprehensive information database. By leveraging our database marketing solutions, you can expedite the acquisition of sales leads.

The driving force behind your sales and marketing teams is growth. To achieve growth, it is crucial to deliver exceptional experiences to your customers and prospects. In the current era of digital commerce, this entails utilizing your available data to uncover valuable insights about your customers. Making meaningful connections and nurturing relationships on a large scale has become an art, and successful marketers are embracing and excelling in this new realm.

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Improve Your Sales & Marketing Perfomance

Our Sales and Marketing Solutions make use of the valuable information and knowledge gathered from the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud. This allows us to enhance your data, analyze and categorize important markets, effectively reach and interact with potential customers through various channels, and gain access to essential sales information to accelerate your business growth.

At the core of the Data Cloud lies Live Business Identity, which offers a comprehensive and constantly updated perspective on business connections. It accomplishes this by utilizing the Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S® Number to establish identity. Additionally, it provides valuable insights for sales and marketing, including hierarchies and analytical indicators such as predictive and propensity data. This enables seamless integration of information throughout your entire organization.

220% Growth over two years by sourcing net new companies and contacts

Grow Your Most Valuable Relationships

Identify your most valuable customers and prospects accurately, connect with them through tailored content, and enhance your sales pipeline with insightful information. Empower your teams with the appropriate data at every stage of the customer journey to foster relationships at an unprecedented speed and scale. Our solutions provide a comprehensive understanding of your customers, profound insights into their requirements, and seamless integration with partners, maximizing the impact of every interaction.

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Key Benefits

Analyze And Identify Customer Profiles

Create a common data foundation to develop more impactful go-to-market strategies. Forrester states 80% of firms struggle to manage the volume, variety, and velocity of their business data. This can result in missed opportunities and lost revenue, which is why it's so critical to create a unified view of your data and enable teams to identify ideal prospects and segment key markets.

Target Audiences Across Channels

Improve ROI and drive growth with consistent online and offline audience targeting. Top-performing organizations leverage business data and analytics as a competitive advantage to accelerate the buyer’s journey. That starts with identifying and targeting the right audiences across channels, creating personalized buying experiences, and aligning sales and marketing more effectively.

Engage and Nurture Your Prospects

Nurture the right prospects across channels to accelerate the buyer’s journey According to the Winterberry Group, 85% of firms struggle to consistently identify target audiences across media channels – including websites. This means missed opportunities to accelerate and personalize the buyer’s journey, which is why identifying accounts across channels is critical.

Empower Sales to Close Business Faster

Help increase the average deal size and convert more sales leads into customers. 40% of B2B marketers don’t feel their sales teams have the right account intelligence to engage successfully with prospects and sales leads. With access to quality leads and deep company intelligence, sales teams will be empowered to spend less time searching and more time selling.