Context: why choose CRIF?

CRIF’s goal is to provide a competitive advantage to its customers through the creation of new applications and data insights that have never been available before.

CRIF helps its clients unlock the power of data-driven business, embedding the value of data transformation into decisions and processes. CRIF focuses on creating new sources of competitive advantage through data, human creativity, and business acumen.

CRIF is involved in finding solutions to tough problems in terms of climate-related risks, ESG, business growth, fraud prevention, credit risk mitigation, anti-money laundering, pricing sophistication, forecasting, and location intelligence, to mention just a few of the key areas where CRIF helps improve its clients’ performance.

Covered industries

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Solution details

Business People 15 400 (1)

Data augmentation & business applications

CRIF Advanced Analytics involves devising, designing and delivering data science business applications based on proprietary, open, web, alternative and big data. A data-driven transformation led by people and enabled by technology, where data translators and data scientists responsibly transform data into use cases and business impacts, such as:

  • Setting up new data-driven applications to tackle the threats of climate-related risks.
  • Identifying, collecting and systematizing ESG and climate-related data to develop business and property risk predictions.
  • Identifying the value of business chains for economically sustainable commercial development, identifying contagion effects of risk and virtuous circles linked to a network of companies.
  • Educating and engaging individuals and companies to reduce environmental impacts, identifying their CO2 impact (carbon footprint index) based on calculations for all digital financial transactions.

Greater efficiency in a variety of processes

By innovating the use of data, CRIF can improve efficiency in many different processes and industries, such as:

  • Pricing sophistication.
  • Campaign performance, targeting companies and consumers.
  • Handling of false positives in transaction monitoring systems.
  • Fighting fraud and false positives in transaction and application processing domains.
  • Optimizing the reliability of liquidity forecasts for treasurers.
  • Complying with ESG and transition risk regulatory requirements.
Business People 16 400

Key benefits

Significant reduction of loss ratios for insurers

By optimizing risk forecasts with unprecedented insights in multiple domains, from identifying drivers to weather-related damage or digital identity.

Business and consumer insights for retailers

To drive strategic campaigns, with unparalleled geographic data points and industry-specific scores, to understand companies and people’s behavior and needs.

Risk measurement

Measurement of contagion effects of risk and virtuous circles linked to belonging to a network of companies, reducing credit losses.

Millions of euros in savings for treasurers

Thanks to accurate algorithms applied to monthly cash in, improving the reliability of liquidity forecasts and generating greater control over key decisions.

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