Context: why choose CRIF?

In an ever more digitized world, it is important that businesses are able to correctly identify their users and appropriately define anti-money laundering profile of each counterparty. This process relies on proper data assets, checks as well as reduction of complexity to provide a good user experience and reduce reputational risk.

CRIF’s solutions allows an end-to-end approach based on data, advanced analytics, advisory, dedicated training, know-how and real time, automatic solutions as well as dedicated KYC teams and checks performed by specialized professionals.

Covered industries

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Solution details

Business People 29 400

Identifying people and companies properly and securely

CRIF relies on an innovative platform, combining different technologies (video identification, document acquisition, and others) and supported by dedicated professionals, to identify both consumers and SMEs in few minutes, enabling fully digital processes in a number of different industries. Identification methods are fully compliant to regional and local regulatory requirements.

Data and AI to boost checks

CRIF is able to perform a number of real-time checks, providing back to the player an instant report (KYC Report) including the full picture of company information, the UBO information and graph, and a full set of AML checks, such as AML Lists match, business and geographical risk checks, reputational and bad press match.

Business People 31 400
Business People 30 400

Workflow and dashboards to simplify the job

A top-of-the line workflow environment, created for deepening and investigating checks. This represents the dashboard for the Managed Services. Based on player specific rules, automatic work queues are created. Priorities, working teams, four-eyes and supervisor authorization are automatically managed by the workflow engine

Key benefits


Greater efficiency for the user: a prompt reply for standard and simple KYC, covered by a fully automatic report.

Available complex and cross-countries KYC

Managerial Reports

Providing overview, KPI, measurements and anything necessary to manage and lead KYC process at central and multiple levels.

Optimization and speeding up

Of onboarding and credit processes, reduction of costs and harmonization of the risk profile within banking groups or business partners.

Intesa Sanpaolo enriches the customer experience with advanced remote identification tools and processes

CLIENT: Intesa Sanpaolo is the largest banking group in Italy with a significant international presence. Its distinctive business model makes it a European leader in wealth management, protection and advisory and ensures its strong focus on digital. Its commitment to ESG foresees, by 2025, €115 billion of impact financing and contributions of €500 million to support people in need. 

NEEDS: to increase the customer base, Millennials and prospects segment, through an increasingly integrated multi-channel platform.

SOLUTION: Fraud Analyzer Compliance and Business Process Optimization (CRIF BPO)

RESULTS: simplification and automation of the entire customer journey and reduction of time to sell, with an overall annual growth in the number of customers of 20%.

"Thanks to CRIF, a simplified and automated customer journey has been achieved, considerably reducing the 'time to sell', but without neglecting anti-fraud and beneficial owner controls. The transformation process undertaken by Intesa Sanpaolo has led to an overall growth in omnichannel customers. in the period 2014-2016 equal to 20% ".

Gianfranco Demuru, Channel Service Manager of Intesa Sanpaolo


Toyota chooses CRIF's IDea for profiling and anti-money laundering scores on dealers and customers

CLIENT: Toyota Financial Services promotes sustainable mobility by designing and implementing innovative financial services and highly customizable purchasing solutions capable of meeting every mobility need.

NEEDS: compliance for proper verification and anti-money laundering profiling of dealers and customers, with minimal impact on credit management processes.

SOLUTIONS: IDea Profilatura Anti-Money Laundering and CRIF Anti-Money Laundering Report.

RESULTS: dealer screening, time and cost savings, customer monitoring and reporting to the parent company.

“Thanks to CRIF we have used an objective money laundering risk indicator, customized with respect to our operational and compliance features, with dealer screening with direct time and cost savings and no operational impact in due diligence activities. We are very happy with the results obtained in the first months of use ".

Daniele Bello, Legal Manager of Toyota Financial Services

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