CRIF has developed a dedicated Business Process Optimization (BPO) line of services, including the outsourced management of credit processes with end-to-end solutions aimed at the overall optimization of operational activities.

Experience gained over 15 years of activity and specific technological investments allow CRIF to guarantee its customers reduced costs and the required organizational flexibility and scalability.

Our strengths

  • Many years of experience in process outsourcing
  • Organization of activities through teams dedicated to each client
  • Flexibility in responding quickly to client needs
  • Web-based workflow tool, configurable and adaptable to the bank's operational processes, internal policies, and organization, which converses with its systems, enabling end-to-end process governance.

Covered industries

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Solution details

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Credit origination

CRIF is a leader in the management of Credit Origination processes for different products (mortgages, personal loans, salary-deducted loans, leasing & factoring) for both consumers and SMEs. In addition, through its Remote Selling service, CRIF offers a solution for the end-to-end management of online sales channels for loans, from lead generation to back office management of the loan (appraisal, pre-decision, etc.).

Corporate Financing

CRIF facilitates the granting of finance to SMEs through a modular end-to-end solution designed for banks using a public guarantee fund and the associated guarantees. The service covers all stages of the process: from pre-assessment through to monitoring and management of risk events and the eventual activation of the guarantee, as well as the monitoring of previously processed portfolios and quality control.

Finally, the Balance Sheet Reclassification service allows analysis of the financial position of companies based on balance sheet ratios.

Business People 33 400
Business People 34 400 (1)

Third-party verifications

CRIF offers solutions for the verification of natural and legal persons, from KYC and AML checks, video identification (video ID and Self ID mode) during the Digital Onboarding process, to anti-fraud assessments aimed at checking the correctness of the documentation provided by the customer to identify inconsistencies where possible personal or income fraud could be concealed.

Other services include the verification and monitoring of third parties (credit brokers, financial and insurance agent networks); the verification of candidates during recruitment to safeguard the company/institution from possible manipulation of their profiles and from future reputational damage; the efficient management of the recruitment process through verification, document management and business intelligence to guarantee full compliance with regulations.

Key benefits

Overall cost reduction

By only spending on the volumes under management, the institution can dramatically cut fixed costs related to people, applications, and structure.

Time management

Guaranteed processing times even at peak times.

Customer care

Internal resources can focus on 'core' customer management activities, reducing the impact of operations to the benefit of commercial activities.

Process standardization

Guarantee of uniformity in the processing.

Success stories

INTESA SANPAOLO is working on a digital and multichannel transformation process that has led to a complete dematerialization of processes for private customers. Thanks to CRIF, a simplified and automated customer journey has been achieved, considerably reducing the time to sell, but without neglecting anti-fraud and beneficial owner controls. GUIDO ROSSI, CEO, INTESA SAN PAOLO
CREDEM BANCA has launched a project to revise the mortgage process for private customers in order to reduce the network's effort to the benefit of a greater focus on commercial activity, ensure process monitoring and ownership of files, and improve the customer experience by reducing resolution and disbursement times. Thanks to the partnership with CRIF BPO, we have achieved a 45% reduction in time to cash, greater ownership thanks to the single point of contact that follows the file throughout its entire process, a reduction in costs thanks to the streamlining of the process through the use of an end-to-end workflow for complete process governance, and a guarantee of uniformity of processing in compliance with policies". GUIDO ROSSI, CEO, CREDEM

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